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Specially designed for Military and Law Enforcement Special Operators with the mission requirement to conduct high risk entry.


This Course is specially designed to provide Military and Law Enforcement Special Operators with the foundational tools in unarmed & knife combat.

The program establishes a solid base to build combatives or other defensive tactics and self defense training skills while arming the operator with an immediate arsenal to defend himself in combat or high threat situations.

** Available for civilians on a Special Limited Basis .... @



provides comprehensive tactical training courses for law enforcement, military, uniformed security, corporate Security professionals, and civilians... Learn the latest innovative, tested, and proven tactics from instructors actively utilizing and teaching these skills domestically and abroad. Our instructor cadre is comprised of operators from both the military and law enforcement Special Operations Communities. Our primary objective is to teach students the requisite skills they will need to survive in any environment. Our training programs are reality-based and focus on the skills and tactics necessary to survive deadly force encounters in urban and rural environments.


Airline Traveler Terrorism Awareness Course


Because the world has become a much more dangerous place, we now offer a course for Executives, Pilots, Flight Crew / Attendants,  Journalists, and individuals that travel extensively and may have an increased risk to their personal safety.


The Airline Traveler Terrorism Awareness Course provides specialized training to help world travelers; identify & avoid potential threats, reduce your individual potential risk, deal with terrorists / criminal actions directed against you,  increase your personal safety while traveling, and provide personal confidence that you can deal with the challenges of an increasingly hostile world.
This personal protective training is built  on the concepts and tactics employed by U.S. Special Operations personnel to operate in high terrorist threat areas throughout the world.




Specially Designed to Rapidly Employ SWAT / SRT in non-urban Ops.


This Course is designed to progressively expose the law enforcement officer to basic elements of small unit patrolling tactics in a non-urban environment for suspect search and recovery applying a rapid Immersion training approach. Officers are exposed to; Rapid Mission Planning / Improvised Situational Planning, Expedient Mission Task Organization, Individual Equipment Selection, Integrated  Team Tactical Operations, Tactical Communications methods, Combat Traveling Methods, Immediate Action / Counter Ambush techniques and Night Operational considerations.

Elite Dynamic Leadership  and Decision Making

From the Battle Field to the Board Room.


This course features innovative operational leadership training. Providing executive corporate leaders at all levels training in techniques to dynamically  apply unconventional military tactics to corporate marketing, problem solving, risk management, crisis intervention, and the dynamics of Special Operations combat leadership to organize, inspire, and employ elite performance, self directed teams to produce superior results.

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