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​The SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMBATIVE ARTS ASSOCIATION endorses organizations that advance industry and professional standards in tactical training worldwide. SOCAA affiliates are uniquely experienced, professional organizations that share our mission and function to affect positive progress in the field of tactical training and technology. SOCAA’s affiliate network represents combat professionals who create mission-driven products and services that transform tactical solutions.


As a Special Forces officer, the experience that I received in previous assignments served to whet my appetite for more skills and effective training, which I found under the expert supervision of Special Operations Combative Arts Association founder Randy McElwee. Randy quickly assessed my capabilities, saw where I needed to grow, and developed a program that built on my previous experience. My confidence and capability have drastically improved, and I'm looking forward to continuing the progress. I could not have asked for a better learning environment, Randy is an outstanding instructor, and I would recommend this training to anyone, including family, teammates and fellow brethren in arms. Great Job!”    

MAJ Phil Brown,  US Army Special Forces

“As a Captain in the 75th Ranger Regiment, I have been exposed to numerous fighting styles and techniques. I began my training under the Special Operations Combative Arts Association. This training style was imperative in the developing of the warrior spirit I try to instill into my Rangers and anyone that I train with. Anyone who is looking for self improvement. SOCAA encourages self discipline, attention to detail, focus, and the will to fight and win. SOCAA has outstanding instructors with the ability to teach, coach, and mentor students to excel.  ----- Rangers Lead the Way! ------.”

CPT Ben Bryant, 75th Ranger Regiment

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